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11.02.17 - 12.02.17


08:00 - 18:00


ITU, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S




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ngVikings 2017 - The main Angular conference in the Nordics (EXTERNAL)


System- og webudvikling


About the conference

ngVikings 2017 is a web front-end developers conference to take place in Copenhagen as the main Angular conference in the Nordics. The talks and workshops will be mostly about Angular (with the primary focus on Angular 2) and other technologies related to the Angular framework.


The two-day event includes:

Conference Day (February 11th) with more than 20 talks split into 2 tracks: https://ngvikings.org/schedule/day1

Workshops Day (February 12th) with in-depth hands-on full-day sessions: https://ngvikings.org/schedule/day2

  • Advanced Angular
  • Reactive applications with Angular, Rxjs and @ngrx
  • Data flow architecture with Redux and Angular
  • Angular Workshop: From Zero To Hero Jr in 1 day!
  • Migrating Applications from Angular 1 to Angular 2 (free workshop)
  • Ionic 2 with Firebase (free workshop)

In addition to the above workshops we will have a full day free workshop for girls who wants to build our first Angular project. This workshop is with collaboration of ngGirls (http://ng-girls.org/ngVikings/) team. We will team up the attendees and each 3-4 attendees will have one dedicated mentor.

External registration only

Please sign up at the conference website: https://ti.to/ngvikings/2017/

Sign up as volunteer (deadline on January 8)

Discount codes for PROSA members

Students can get student discount by using 'ngStudent' (Direct link: https://ti.to/ngvikings/2017/discount/ngStudent) code to buy ticket for DKK 500 + VAT

Other PROSA members can use 'PROSA' (Direct link: https://ti.to/ngvikings/2017/discount/PROSA) code to buy ticket for DKK 1000 + VAT

Or join as PROSA crew (Saturday, February 11): bfr@prosa.dk

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