Welcome to PROSA

Below you can apply for membership with PROSA, the Association of IT-professionals. When you have forwarded your application, we send you an automatically generated mail to confirm that we have received it.

When properly registered as a member, you will receive a mail of welcome that is also a proof of membership. It contains some information on our services.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of PROSA.

You can find PROSAs statutes here

Personal Information

If possible, please avoid using your study or work account.
We use the Personal Danish ID no. to report membership fees to SKAT (Danish Tax Authorities) and to automatically update change of address.


Please type street name and no. plus possible floor/side/apartment no. If the address can be looked up through the public address service, it will pop up.


You are newly graduated if you have graduated within the past 2 weeks.
You cannot join PROSA, if you have the authority to employ and dismiss other it-professionals in the company
PLEASE NOTE: As a self-employed person you can join PROSA only if you do NOT have the authority to employ and dismiss other it-professionals.
If you do not know the exact date, please write an estimated date, e.g. if you finish your study in January, write 1 February.
Please tick here if you want to pay a reduced fee of 127 DKK/month and have the right to receiving full legal advice in matters concerning your it student job. As a free student member you are not entitled to receiving advice from our legal advisors (unless your education is an apprenticeship).
PROSA accepts members on basis of a current IT education or employment/self-employment. This means that you may not be unemployed when you apply for membership. Unemployed people are welcome to apply for membership with PROSAs unemployment insurance fund through https://indmeld.akait.dk/prosa

Accept etc.

Det er frivilligt, om du vil tilmeldes Betalingsservice
Comments in this text box will be read in connection with your registration in PROSA. If you have urgent questions, please send us an email at prosa@prosa.dk.