PROSA benefits

Learn more about how you, as a member, can engage and make the most out of your union.



You are eligible for membership if you are a full-time professional IT worker or are enrolled in an IT education approved for PROSA membership. The monthly membership fee for full-time IT workers is 409 DKK - part-time is 217 DKK. PROSA membership is free for students.

Member Benefits

Banking, insurance, and affordable study books.

PROSA has negotiated discounts that members can take advantage of.


Get Involved

You have many opportunities to be part of the PROSA community and influence our direction. You could choose to join a local chapter board and influence political decisions or you could opt for a more social angle with networking, workplace groups, or interest-based groups with others that share your ideas or interests.

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Rights, IT jobs, apprenticeship period, and securing unemployment benefits.

There are many things to keep track of, but PROSA helps you navigate through workplace regulations and your rights as an IT worker or student.

PROSA on Your Campus

PROSA is with you throughout your academic journey.

Unemployment Insurance and Benefits

It is vital that you understand unemployment benefit regulations in Denmark. Membership of the unemployment insurance fund MIA has a monthly fee of 493 DKK. This is separate from your PROSA membership.