National and Global

PROSA is a modern trade union and professional interest organisation, dedicated exclusively to serving the interest of IT professionals. We are organized on both local, national and international levels.


Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen and we have local offices in the cities of Aarhus and Odense.

National memberships and cooperation

PROSA is a member of FH, the largest national trade union confederation in Denmark with more than 80 different member unions and a total membership of 1,4 million persons employed in either the public or the private sector.

Link: FH - Fagbevægelsens Hovedorganisation

International memberships and cooperation

In the highly internationalised IT sector, PROSA naturally has an active international involvement. Since january 2008 we have been members of UNI Global Union, seeking maximum influence on the highest possible levels.

In UNI we are active in the IBITS/ICTS section which organises IT professionals in the IT sector, within Business Services and in the telecommunications industry.

Link: UNI Global Union

PROSA is also member of ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) and ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) as part of our membership of FTF.

Link: ETUC

Link: ITUC

PROSA has also cooperated with Eurocadres in the EU funded project, “SMEs Qualification Handbook”. A project which resulted in a European Handbook for the competence based Qualifications for SMEs” which include guidelines and instruments for defining professional qualifications in line with the EU lifelong learning recommendations.

Link: Eurocadres