IT Politics

PROSA believes that the wider society will benefit from hearing the voice of IT professionals on the socially and politically related implications of IT applications.

Many political issues today involve complicated IT elements. However, with a few exceptions there is not generally a deep understanding among the members of the Danish parliament of how IT really works.

PROSA has been active in many areas including: 

  • Fighting the legalisation of software patents in Europe – we believe that software patents would damage innovation and only benefit large companies – until now successfully
  • Arguing against mass-surveillance of citizens (we do accept targeted surveillance) – an ongoing struggle
  • Supporting the right to freely use encryption technologies – also successfully 
  • Advocating the use of open standards in governmental IT systems – now passed as law by parliament
  • Supporting good standards for data protection – allowing privacy for citizens
  • Working for free access to and use of the internet – against censorship 
  • For digital rights generally in the media world