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PROSA støtter HackYourFuture – læs om de første Aarhus-dimittender

PROSA arbejder for arbejdspladser, hvor der er diversitet og plads til alle. Derfor støtter vi HackYourFuture.

HackYourFuture støtter flygtning, asylansøgere og udsatte grupper med begrænset adgang til videreuddannelse og det danske arbejdsmarked med at tilegne sig nye kompetencer, så de kan blive fx webudviklere og del af et efterspurgt felt. Den første Aarhus-årgang er netop dimitteret, og neden for kan du læse om dimittendernes udbytte.  HackYourFuture søger allerede nu efter frivillige IT- professionelle til at undervise næste hold. Har du lyst til at hjælpe, så meld dig som frivillig via dette link Volunteer - HackYourFuture


Hussein Khaleefah
Age: 23
Country: Iraq
Education: High school

What is your biggest takeaway from the course?

"My biggest takeaway is the coding skills I have learned. But other than that, my biggest takeaway is understanding what it means to work in a team. I learned so much from my fellow students, who came from all over the world and had different backgrounds and ideas about how things should be done. When you all come together as a group, you can make something new
and better than you could on your own. Because on web development projects, there is no way you can do everything on your own. Working with others also helped me learn how to listen and make decisions as a group

What do you hope to achieve from completing the course?

"Once I graduate from the course, I want to find a web developer job and do my best to help the company I work at. I also want to share about HYF and find ways to give back to the HYF community. I hope to get an internship, find a full-time job for a few years, and at one point, maybe start my own company. Whatever I do in the future, I want a career that allows me to
have a home, support my parents and get as many new experiences as possible. Ideally, I would like to do work that benefits others, for example helping young people gain a better understanding of technology and social media

What is one piece of advice you would give to new students?

"When I first started, I felt too shy to ask for help - my advice to new students is: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At HYF, we are one community and one family. Even when you make mistakes (and you will make a lot of mistakes when you are trying to learn something new), everyone is ready to help. No one will make you feel bad for making a mistake. And when you can’t or don’t
want to ask for help, remember that Google is your best friend. The last piece of advice I would like to give is to be patient, especially when you are frustrated or feel lost. Things become more clear and make more sense with time. The experience is extremely valuable for your future, so don’t give up!

*Update 30.08.22: Hussein’s asylum case was approved by the court. He can now stay in Denmark and is working on finding a job.

Vital Reddy Mynampati
Age: 43
Country: India
Education: Master’s in Telecom Engineering

What is your biggest takeaway/lesson learned from the course?

"Changing career paths has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a part of the HYF program challenged me to take on new tasks and learn new things every day. With this course, I learned new technologies, which are very important to change my career path for the future. However, I can proudly say that the biggest takeaway from this course is the confidence I have gained. I have learned new technologies and gotten a strong, updated portfolio that gives me the confidence to send out job applications."

What do you hope to achieve from completing the course?

"I hope to start my career as a web developer once I complete the course. The past 8 or 9 months have been precious to me. I have gotten familiar with the latest web technologies and learned how to design and develop websites, manage functionality, and implement and integrate application features. Apart from the professional side of things, personally, I feel that I now know what words like professionalism and teamwork really mean. I am not an introvert, but I feel shy talking and discussing with people in a group. But this course has helped me to overcome that barrier. After completing this course, I hope a successful career in IT will be my most significant

What is one piece of advice you would give to new students?

"Learning how to cope with the feeling that "I want to give up" is a crucial part of success in life. Especially being an immigrant in Denmark without a network and Danish language skills, it is difficult to find your dream job. When I relocated to Denmark and searched for a job, even though I had previous experience in Finance and IT, I couldn't find one. And when I later wanted to change career paths, I sent out 25 applications that were all rejected. But back then, I didn't have access to resources or training like the one provided by NGOs like HYF. So I really appreciate HackYourFuture and Christopher for running programs like this and helping immigrants settle in Denmark. For students who want to work with technology or change their careers, the HackYourFuture web developer boot camp program is definitely worth considering."

Svitlana Burlaka
Age: 25
Country: Ukraine
Education: Bachelor in Power Engineering

What is your biggest takeaway/lesson learned from the course?

"I knew very little about front-end web development when I started the course. I basically started from scratch. I felt alone because it seemed like the other students knew a lot more than me. In the first couple of weeks, I felt like I was from outer space because I couldn't understand what the mentors were teaching. But slowly, I started to catch up. After a few weeks, when we were in the Javascript module, I submitted my homework. I expected the mentor to tell me that I had to redo it. But when it came back, there was nothing to fix. That's when I started thinking, "OK, I can actually do this!". From then on, I even found myself helping other students. My biggest takeaway from the course is not to be afraid, even when things get complicated. And to not compare myself to others. If you are not as far in your journey as your classmates and don't know something right now, have patience, and it will come."

What do you hope to achieve from completing the course?

"I want to build a career as a front-end web developer. I want to find a good job where I'm valuable to my workplace. In the future, I want to keep learning and take courses on back-end so I can eventually work as a full-stack developer."

What is one piece of advice you would give to new students?

"A big part of the course is learning how to find the right information. I struggled to learn how to do that until another class member helped me. She taught me that if you can't find the answer to something, try googling. If you still can't find the answer, try googling using another keyword. And if you're still lost, ask your classmates or mentors. So my advice to new students is to not be afraid to ask for help! HYF is a place where you can grow and feel valued and trusted. It's an opportunity to meet new people, expand your network, and get to know a lot of different companies."

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