Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (2 online sessions)

Prepare Azure for enterprise scale and enable the flexibility, agility, and scale of cloud without compromising security and governance.

Cloud-based infrastructure fundamentally changes how your organization finds, uses, and secures technology resources. Although the cloud offers tremendous design choice flexibility, your organization needs a proven and consistent methodology for adopting cloud technologies to ensure success. The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure meets that need, helping guide your decisions throughout your cloud adoption journey.

Please note that when you sign up you sign up for both sessions: Thursday April 18 and Tuesday May 21.

This workshop will include:
• Overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and how it can help you envision, plan and be ready to adopt cloud technologies.
• What are the Azure Landing Zones?
• How can governance and management methodologies in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework help you manage a cloud portfolio with adequate protection?

Throughout the workshop you will be introduced to the core concepts and design areas that shape the technical foundation within the cloud adoption framework. These design areas describe what to consider before you can start deploying landing zones for your workloads. Together, they establish a process to aid in exploring the otherwise complex topics which are typically involved in critical decision making for your environments target architecture. At the foundation of the architecture, a set of core design principles serve as a compass to guide subsequent design decisions. The principles are intentionally aspirational, to help you strive for an optimum design of the target architecture.

It is expected that you have some previous knowledge about concepts within cloud and Azure to ensure the covered topics can be put into an understandable context.

Intended audience:
- Cloud Administrators
- Cloud Engineers
- IT Operations
- IT Security and compliance
- Enterprise Administrators

Peter Bruun de Neergaard - Team Lead & Manager, Cloud Infrastructure at VENZO A/S.


Start18. apr 2024 17:00
Slut18. apr 2024 20:00



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