New Collaboration: Four Unions Launch Joint Website


In response to the unique challenges faced by professionals in the game development industry four Unions Launch Joint Website to Empower Games Industry Workers in Denmark 8th of February.

Press release

In response to the unique challenges faced by professionals in the game development industry, four leading unions — PROSA (Association of IT Professionals in Denmark), DM (Danish Association of Masters and PhDs), FAF (Creative Professionals), and HK/Privat — have formed an alliance. Their mission is to elevate working conditions and advocate for the benefits of collective organization and collective agreements within the game development industry. This collaboration has led to the creation of, an important online informational platform dedicated to this cause. Mirza Cirkinagic, Union Secretary at PROSA, articulates the initiative's core objectives:

Our collaborative effort is designed to confront pressing issues in the gaming sector, such as unfair working hours, inadequate wages, and the absence of overtime compensation. By striving for improved conditions and the professionalization of the industry, our ultimate aim is to establish a collective agreement tailored to the creative nature of game development—a creative agreement for a creative industry.”

The website, powered by these four unions, is a dedicated hub of essential information, offering game development professionals in Denmark insights into their rights and support mechanisms. The platform aims to empower workers with the knowledge and tools necessary for advocating their interests effectively. Anders Dalsager, Union President from DM Culture & Media” (DM Kultur&Medier), says:

Game Development professionals create huge cultural and economic value, but they are not rewarded with the support, the salaries nor the working conditions they deserve. That's why we are launching It paves the way for union solidarity, professional development and better working conditions in the industry."

Kim Jung Olsen, Union President, HK Privat supplies by saying:

Some of our members in the field of IT and graphic communication work in games development and with this initiative we hope to highlight a thriving industry. Joining forces gives us a broader approach in order to start a dialogue about fair working conditions in this part of the Danish labour market too – which we look very much forward to.”


Mirza Cirkinagic ads:

We invite all game development professionals to visit to explore the resources available and consider how joining forces with your peers can lead to significant improvements in your working conditions and the industry at large. This initiative not only aims to address immediate concerns but also to foster a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative future for game development in Denmark.”.

The 2019 PROSA survey highlighted critical issues in the game development industry, such as long working hours, low wages, and no overtime pay. In response, a coalition of unions representing a large segment of the industry's workforce has created a centralized platform ( This platform aims to educate game developers on their rights, offering resources and support to improve working conditions. By uniting efforts, these unions seek to empower workers and address systemic problems, signaling a significant step towards fairer and more equitable industry standards.

Facts from the PROSA mini survey in the Game Development Industry, June 2019
Read more: 2019_06_Working_Conditions_in_the_Game_Development_Industry.pdf (

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PROSA – association of IT professionals in DK

Mirza Cirkinagic, Union Secretary at PROSA – tel. +45 25 22 17 17
Grith Enemark, Head of Communications – tel. +45 25 22 16 80

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