Are you working professionally with IT in Denmark? Join PROSA and our Unemployment Insurance Fund

With 16,000 members working or studying within IT, PROSA stands out as the leading interest group and labour association for organised IT Professionals in Denmark.

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Our membership benefits include:

  • Legal aid (contract check, salary negotiation, crisis help / lawyer etc.)
  • Career advice regarding CV and cover letters
  • Newsletter in Danish with local IT related events
  • Free IT courses and events – check out
  • A strong network with other IT professionals
  • Cash benefits (bank, insurance, pension, discounts)
  • Lobbyism and activism regarding privacy, IT politics etc.

Union and "A-kasse"

Unions and Unemployment Insurance Funds ("A-kasse") are two separate, but linked organisations:

  • The union is a professional community which also offers legal advice, discounts etc.
  • The "a-kasse" is a mutual unemployment insurance fund to ensure you an income if you get unemployed and live up to the legal requirements (including a general work permit)
  • Join the a-kasse here: (Danish) or call us at 70 12 37 82.

Membership fee (for 2023)

The union fee is differentiated according to your status and average weekly work hours:

  • More than 25 hours – DKK 409
  • Less than 25 hours – DKK 217
  • Students with an IT job – DKK 130
  • Students: Free

The a-kasse fee is the same at all times – DKK 506.

Please note that both union and a-kasse fees are 100% income deductible.