ChatGPT and other deep learning AI models: What are the opportunities and risks?

This talk explains the opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with AI models like ChatGPT

The recent developments in deep-learning natural language processing (NLP) models, like ChatGPT, open up several new opportunities for innovative applications in society. But, at the same time, they can also pose several risks and cause negative technological consequences.

This talk explains the opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with these AI models like ChatGPT. First, this talk will provide a detailed account of the capabilities of these models and their possible applications to various fields such as healthcare, law, and education. Then, it discusses the diverse societal impacts of these models, especially in terms of inequity, misuse, and legal and ethical considerations.

Finally, I will conclude with recommendations for addressing these challenges and ensuring that such models are used responsibly and ethically in various societal contexts.


Raghava Mukkamala is an associate professor and the director of the Centre for Business Data Analytics at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Raghava holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science, and his current research focuses on Data Science, Cyber Security, blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Combining formal/mathematical modeling approaches with machine learning techniques; his current research program seeks to develop new algorithms for big data analytics.

As part of his pro-bone research collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), his current research mainly focuses on identifying hate speech, bias, and misinformation against refugees using machine-learning and deep-learning approaches. He is also the Program Director for the Masters in Data Science program at CBS and teaches several courses on machine learning. Before moving to research, Raghava has many years of programming and IT development experience in the Danish IT industry.


Start27. apr 2023 18:30
Slut27. apr 2023 19:30


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