Files, and Plotting with Python (Python workshop III)

This is the third of four courses in Python Programming

This is the third of foru courses in the Python Programming.

This course introduces the dictionary data structure. The course explains the basics of working with data in Python and introduces how to read and write files.

  • You will learn best Python libraries that will aid in data manipulation and mathematical operations.
  • You will learn to read and write data to files. Moreover, you will learn to extract required column of data from a given file and create plots using Matplotlib.

During the course you will get hands-on programming practice using IDE/Editor of your choice. It will be advantage if you have some programming or scripting knowledge or if you have taken the first to courses about Python 3 Programming.

Course material and slides will be provided in English.



Muniba Talha is lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). Prior to this position Muniba worked at Project and Team lead positions delivering robust software products and developing agile teams.

She is founder of Women in Data Science and Machine Learning, a community open to everyone interested in this area and to support, empower and educate the women in the field.



Start18. apr 2023 17:00
Slut18. apr 2023 20:00



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