Foundations of Python Programming and Applied Data Science (Course III)

Course-3: Applied Data Science with Python

This is the last of the 3-short courses designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of programming concepts and their application in the field of data science. You will gain essential skills in programming using Python, data structures, and basic algorithms, with a focus on applying these concepts in real-world data science scenarios. You will gain hands-on experience in writing and executing code, focusing on practical applications in data cleaning, manipulation, and analysis tasks. Moreover, you will get familiarity with data science concepts and the ability to assess data quality and analyze and communicate the results of data analysis.

Course-3: Applied Data Science with Python
Introduction to Pandas: Overview of the Pandas library. Loading and exploring datasets. Data Cleaning and Manipulation. Cleaning and preprocessing data with Pandas and Basic data manipulation tasks.

Pre-requisites: The course is for beginners and there are no programming prerequisites. Though the participants should be already familiar with using computers, including basic operations such as file management and navigating through folders.

Muniba Talha is a seasoned data scientist, educator, and Python enthusiast with over a decade of experience in the field. Muniba is full-time lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology where she teaches Data Science.

Material and language is in english

The courses will not be recorded

Direct link will be sent by mail on the day of the course


Start05. mar 2024 17:00
Slut05. mar 2024 20:00



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